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Women mostly like to buy some trinket and wear the sparkling jewellery to give more beauty. However do you know how to spot the real jewellery to a fake one? No offense to paste rings and necklaces out there, but for instance you want to buy a valuable precious gold and stones that worth a [...]

We just don’t eat to have a healthy body and strong immune system against infection and diseases but we must eat healthy foods that boost brain function. Don’t think eating fruits and vegetables to have a glowing skin, lustrous hair, small waist and weight loss yet keeping your brain healthy as well. The important portion [...]

Before the Holy Week come an unforgettable plane crash happened in Rostov-on-Don Airport, Moscow, Russia. The FlyDubai’s crash lost all the 33 women and 18 men were passengers and 7 crew with no survivor. The final conversation of two pilots of Russian plane reveal the major concern. Between the incident, the two pilots talked if [...]

Don’t say goodbye to your beauty creams and face masks rather add coconut water to your lists of beauty rituals to have amazing skin. Coconut water is the world renowned beverage and most consumable fruit juice naturally made. It is pack up electrolytes, enzymes and nutrients that help cure some ailments. As it is less [...]

Name your healthiest beverage and I will give you the “coconut water”. Among the healthiest foods coconut cannot be left behind. From its leaves down to roots has its great benefits we can get. But above all this great treasure it could give, this water is universally the most appealing drink. It compose of many [...]

Read also: Without Arms They Can Do Everything Through Their Feet , Life Must Go On Have you ever experience a surprise which is not the planned one and actually happened without your knowledge? A scenario takes place only by chance not by choice. Life is full of mystery and surprises. Sometimes you will be [...]

China is the fourth largest country in the world with a 3,705,392.5 square meters and in July 2009 population was estimated to be 1,338,612,968 people living there. They have the largest workforce about 817.7 workers which is divided into agriculture, industry and service jobs at rates of 39.5%, 27.2% and 33.2% respectively. The country was [...]

How many hours you sleep daily? The prescribe time during sleeping time is about 8 hours. Did you know that sleeping vary to age? Sleep quantity needs vary based on age. There is no magic behind sleeping, it is essential to every individual to sleep everyday. Newborns sleep up to 18 hours which is divided [...]

We wanted to have a comfort life; a house to live, food to eat, a good job, clothes to wear plus the luxury a life could bring. We wanted to have something which can make our life easier and productive, a money could buy everything we want. A sporty car or a grand vacation in [...]

You want to embrace the beauty of nature but you are far it. You are stuck in the middle of tall buildings in suburban as if you can’t breath and get suffocated. Apart from tall buildings, you face tremendous heat and pollution around the city. Crowded with people and jammed of heavy traffic along the [...]