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This ‘Vampire’ Hedgehog Is The Newest Rising Star In Instagram – So Cute

There are so many things, persons, and animals that become easily famous on the Internet. On Instagram, there is a new rising star that really capture the hearts of people.

Not a person, not a place, but a cute hedgehog. What made it special is that Huff, the 3-year-old African Pygmy hedgehog from Utah looks like a vampire.

Yes, just look at the photo below.


Carolyn Parker adopted Huff after being treated badly by the previous owner.

Here are Huff’s photos on Instagram:

vampire-hedgehog-2 vampire-hedgehog-3 vampire-hedgehog-4 vampire-hedgehog-5 vampire-hedgehog-6 vampire-hedgehog-7

So cute, huh?

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