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The Extraordinary Hunchback Dog

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In Eden Prairie, Minnesota a hunchback German Shepherd dog named Quasi became a celebrity in Facebook. He is featured in Barcroft TV, due to his extraordniary personality. He is one of rare 15 dogs worldwide who have an illness of Short Spine Syndrome. He was born with a compressed spine and vertebrae. He runs like a monkey, despite his appearance, he received love from people around the world. People was inspired in his ability to enjoy life. He became a social media star since his picture were uploaded on social site and gain more likes. Today, he had his own personal Facebook account entitled, “Quasi The Great” where features his everyday life and personality. He has already 10, 000 likes.

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Quasi was found as a stray dog in Kentucky and been brought to Secondhand Hounds. They couldn’t catch him first and it took five days to capture him. They have to use a live trap to bait him. When he was inspected, they found he had an embedded collar. It was fastened too tight around his neck where skin grows over it. He was examined and underwent scanning. It reveal his missing vertebrae. It means that he can only eat meals in small amounts due to pressure piling up on his lungs and organs. Rachel need to hold or elevate his plate in order for him to eat, since he doesn’t have a neck, he cannot bend down on the ground to eat.

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He was so scared to people and shy, maybe because as a stray no people approach him and fed. As his pictures went viral, we was offered 1,200 homes. He was named after Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame a famous story by Victor Hugo. He is now a 4-year-old and under the care of Rachel Maerose, founder of Secondhand Hounds. Secondhand Hounds was founded last 2009. They already help over 10, 000 animals over the years.

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