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Gruesome Sharks Have Secret Beauty Of Glowing Underwater

Anyone could see a tail or even a head of shark would be scared. Who would not be? They are known to be monster and sharp eaters of the sea. A dangerous predators like any other fish species. Nevertheless, our deadly perception to them doesn’t stop there. The way we see them is not always as they are. There is a shark have hidden capability to glow in the dark. Swell Shark is a type of shark specie which has fluorescent proteins inside their skin, which triggered by ocean’s blue light, becoming visible to other swell sharks.

Dogs and cats view the world differently as of other animals. It’s because they have different set of eyes. Some can perceive a wide range of color in their environment in 180 degrees or other can absorb more light and read colors only red and green. For instance, snake can see infrared and pet bull can read the same color of red and green.

A marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer David Gruber studied the glowing shark with his specialized camera to reveal the magnificent color. With a research team, they developed lights and camera filters that allow adjusting underwater. They discovered bioflourescence in an abundance of aquatic species. The process of radiance is through how sharks absorbs and emits light. Research defines that is one way to trick predators, a way of communication and camouflage. The camera has special yellow filters that allow simulation of a swell shark’s vision. They found out there is a massive rave going on 500 meters below ocean surface and one of the glowing visitor is a type of cat shark.

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